Do I NEED a Photo Booth at My Wedding?


Getting married is expensive, and budgets are usually pretty tight. While there are certain necessities for every wedding- dress, food, photographer- some may be left wondering if a photo booth is really worth the extra investment. Here are a few reasons why we think it's important to add a photo booth to the necessities list:


1. All guests will feel included

Wedding photographers get paid the big bucks for a reason- they work hard to capture every moment of your big day. While you're garanteed to have a bunch of your guests in photos throughout the night, there's no way each person will be photographed. You might be left wondering, "Gee, where was so-and-so the entire night?" With a photo booth, every guest that wants to be photographed will get photographed. You'll have a nice reminder of everyone who attended your night, and guests will feel like they were included in all the action- because they were! #OperationNoGuestLeftBehind

2. Photo booths provide additional entertainment


Sure, dancing and yard games are fun, but they're not for everyone. Yard games are sometimes restricted to just serval people, and let's face it- not all of us have moves like Jagger. What are all those other guests going to do?! Luckily, a photo booth provides additional entertainment for those left with nowhere to go, and keeps your mind at ease knowing your guests have something to do. And with Smitten Booth's open air features, you can fit up to 20 (yeah!) people in one photo! And if one round just wasn't enough, guests can hop back in line for round two.. or three.. or seven... 

3. Favors

Wedding favors can get expensive, and most of the time go unused or get thrown away. A high quality printed photo to take home is something guests can put on their bulletin board, fridge, or frame. Not to mention all of the digital photos that will be seen and enjoyed around Facebook and Instagram after the wedding! Additionally, you can have a guest book of all the photos taken in the booth and have each person sign their name or leave a note next to their photo. People love to have a visual reminder of the great time they had, and a photo booth will do just that! 

A photo booth certainly is worth the investment based on the fun and excitement it adds to your wedding. Having a photo of every one of your guests is a sentiment that only a photo booth can provide, so book your date today!