Ditch the DIY

"Photo booths are too expensive. Just make your own." Sound familiar? While browsing Pinterest for a "DIY photo booth" may seem easy and sound like a great way to save money, making the investment toward an actual photo booth company will save you time, frustration, and probably be nicer on your wallet than you might expect. Here are a few good reasons to ditch the DIY:

It's a lot of work.

DIY booths might sound fun while you're looking them up, but there's really a lot that goes into the whole set up. The camera, tripod, lighting, props, sharing, printing... It's not just set up and go. The last thing you need to be worrying about on your wedding day is whether the photo booth needs a new memory card or is running smoothly. Why not leave it to a pro and have everything taken care of? Photo booth professionals have the right lighting, camera, settings, and equipment to know how to produce high quality photos. If venues, planning, photography, the cake, the dress, and decorations are all handled by pros, a photo booth should be too. 

It's also a lot of money.

Now that you've seen how much equipment goes into a photo booth, just think of how quickly that will all add up. Backdrops, believe it or not, are quite expensive. And what do you plan on doing with a 9'X9' panel of sequins after your wedding? While most people now have some sort of digital camera, it's the photo booth's professional lighting that really makes an outstanding photo, and those lights are an investment as well. Once you've gathered all the supplies for your DIY booth, you might as well have spent the money on a pro who knows it will be done right. 

Still not convinced?

If you still think a DIY photo booth is best on your budget, reach out to companies to familiarize yourself with all of their options. Some may have packages that you didn't know were even an option. For example, Smitten Booth offers a selfie station, which is friendly on your wallet and saves you from buying the things you'll need for a DIY booth (props, backdrop, stands). This is a worry free option for you, and still gives your guests the fun experience of a photo booth. 

We say your wedding should be as stress free as it can possibly be. Give yourself one less thing to worry about on your big day by hiring a pro and leaving the DIY for craft days at home.